Natasha keller


lake & valley family therapy

Finding a therapist that understands the adoption/foster systems is important to the well-being of children experiencing new placements. I work with families, individuals (child or adult) regarding processing the experience. Interested in what traits to look for in adoption-competent therapy? Take a look.


The process of adoption brings many ups and downs for children and caregivers. Through working with placement systems as a therapist, trainings, and in case management I've come to a unique understanding of the nuance of mental health needs of children and families experiencing adoption and guardianship. I practice with evidenced-based treatment models and assessments that have been shown to be effective in helping children heal from trauma and strengthen attachments.


I am connected to MNAdopt as a provider who is competent and supportive of the adoption, fostering, and kinship processes. 


Adoption-based therapy